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One of the things we recognize at the S.W.A.T. Institute is the power of partnering. Building strong, cohesive, win-win relationships where we all benefit is the key to every great business and movement. 

We know that being a six=star empowerment coach certification is the most important aspect of our business because you have to believe in what you're selling but we also know that "sharing is caring" and we are so grateful to our partners who believe in our work and are willing to share it with their world: on their website, with their database, email list, social media accounts, in magazines, on radio shows, tv, podcasts, blogs, articles, stories, events, and of course, the very best place of all >>> with family and friends, sisters, daughters, aunties, mothers, and even grandmothers who are ready to join the cause to be an empowered woman who empowers other women!

Thank you!

In return, we'd like to offer you a commission. That's right! If you share our programs and someone from your world signs up, we'd like to pay you back. Your next step is to complete the sign-up form: Click Here! 

From there, we'll either approve or not within 48 hours and send you an email with your unique affiliate link and access to our Affiliate Control Center, along with sample emails, tweets, posts, banners, memes, etc. We'll support you every step of the way as you share our world with yours! 

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What Students Say About the Empowerment Coach Certification 

Nicole Moorey - Master Empowerment Coach  

"Pursuing my Empowerment Coach Certification has been the most rewarding investment of my life. As a student approaching the end of the program, I would recommend this course to every woman. I have received more from this program than I have from any other educational investment, including my university degree, leadership certification, and professional training. The books, resources, assignments, videos, calls, mentorship coaching, on-line forums, practice coaching, and professor interaction all equate to a life-changing and incomparable opportunity."

Gabrielle Allison, Registered Dietician

"I’m currently immersed in the S.W.A.T. Institute’s Personal Empowerment Coach Certification. This is the most powerful, high-impact model and approach I have ever come across! And it's not just for applying to clients, but to myself!! It’ll be a beautiful extension of my work! Anything Crystal does is so worth checking out/listening to, or joining. She’s uniquely gifted, works from her heart, and is so engaging."