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This is the highest level of certification any Empowerment Coach can obtain, worldwide, exclusively for women.

Pre-requisite Courses: The 12-Week Emotional Edge Course

& Personal Empowerment Coach Certification

You're already a Personal Empowerment Coach (or you're just finishing up your 30 Mentorship Coaching hours), and you're ready to: 

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Go even deeper in your understanding of the Map of Empowerment 

Hone powerful interventions for the highest levels of consciousness

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Master your coaching skills to include coaching children, teens, men, couples, and families

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Understand how nutrition, fitness, meditation, & orgasm can increase personal power dramatically

Empower clients who are struggling with their weight, body image, or emotional eating

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Discover your niche market and learn how to attract your ideal clients

Learn the fundamentals of women's health & wellness including pregnancy and menopause

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Understand the intricacies of the mind, including how a woman's brain is different than a man's

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Further develop your intuition which will dramatically improve your coaching techniques

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Learn from some of the world's greatest movers and shakers such as Marianne Williamson, Colette Baron-Reid, Dr Christiane Northrup, Gregg Braden, the late Louise Hay, and more

Learn smart, savvy marketing strategies and create a powerful online presence in the world

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Develop a success consciousness

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Create a 6 to 7-figure business and have ongoing support 

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Get consistent and steady feedback from your Professors on all your assignments 

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Understand the psychology of working with parts, archetype work, and emotional trauma release 

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Become a Light Worker, Light Protector and Light Connector and watch your business SOAR

Dive into Crystal's Emotional Edge work, including how to properly use the Empowerment Spectrum, the Communication Scale, and the Three Dominant Archetypes —​​​​​ ​​the Adult, the Parent, the Child —​​​​​ in your coaching business to help clients get the Edge in their lives

Listen to NEW coaching calls from Crystal Andrus Morissette and Professor Izabela Viskupova

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Master your guided meditation skills and take clients deep into their emotional body

Learn Eastern philosophies of healing including energy, chakras, breathwork and the bandhas

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Become a brilliant relationship coach using the framework of Empowerment Coaching

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Feel confident to coach anyone: Man, Woman, Child, Teen, Millionaire, or PhD

The S.W.A.T. Institute is unlike any program in the world today.

We are not just an educational course or certification; we are the ultimate in self-healing, personal empowerment, and professional development. We are the next era of the women's movement.

We are women empowering women!

Read this wonderful testimonial from Michele Dallaire, Master Empowerment Coach certified by the S.W.A.T. Institute who is now rated one of the top five empowerment coaches in the world on Google! 


"I am very happy to say that I am a recent graduate of the Simply Woman Accredited Trainer Institute. I first came upon the founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette, about 3 years ago. I was completely drawn in when I saw her video on this website; I knew this program was exactly what I had been looking for. It really resonated with me. 

I also knew I had a gift for listening and creating ‘space’ for others but I did not want to take just any three-day life-coaching program!! The S.W.A.T. Institute’s Master Empowerment Coach Certification’s curriculum is brilliant; it gave me all the tools I needed to become an excellent empowerment coach. 

The best part about this program is that I had to deal with my own ‘stuff’ in order to be able to authentically help other women. I was able to heal my inner child, take off masks that kept the real me hidden from myself and my loved ones. I discovered what my limiting beliefs were and how I was putting up my own roadblocks in all areas of my life. Learning self-love and self-compassion has also allowed me to expand into the greatest version of who I am. This is a love that continuously flows outwards to my family, loved ones, and in every other relationship.

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The S.W.A.T. siSTARhood — another magnificent component exclusively to this program — is an online supportive community that provided me with a safe space to voice my feelings, my anger, and my fears–all without judgment. 

Another important component of this certification is the Mentorship Coaching program. I had the privilege to coach women from all over the world — India, United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. I also was able to receive coaching from my peers — women from all over the world! 

Even now that I have graduated, I still have access to all this and more like the continuous education that is offered. By choosing to take this program I have realized that it is truly the best investment I have made for myself. 

I would say that if you hear and trust that little intuitive voice inside and you are ready to heal, to feel whole, and want to help women on a global level, this program is for you! Enjoy the journey, stay the course, you are so worth it!"

~ Michele Dallaire, MECC

Or how about this from Sacha Sterling, Master Empowerment Coach?


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"The foundational knowledge and applied practical strategies l learned from Crystal Andrus Morissette and the S.W.A.T. Institute have been the fertile ground from which I’ve built a 7-figure company, along with a personal life I’m proud of. 

If you are looking to eliminate self-doubt and trust the model you coach clients with once and for all, then sign up right away, you’ll thank me.

Crystal and her program showed up at a crossroads for me, and I cannot imagine who I’d be now if it were not for declaring, “I’m going to be a coach! If Crystal can do it, so can I!” 

The funny thing is when I joined, I didn’t have my own computer, let alone know what my online business would be. But I took the leap of faith, letting the expansive feeling lead the way. Everything she said would happen did: 

  • I found my personal empowerment
  • launched a successful business
  • and have a sisterhood of women globally who I could count on, and still do, nine-years later

Thank you for being on such a mission to empower women Crystal, you’ve changed my life, and now I get to live and leave a legacy of possibility too."

~ Sacha Sterling, MECC 


Our next

Master Empowerment Coach Certification ​​​​​​(MECC)

​​​​​​​enrollment begins September 2020.​​​​​​​

If you'd like to join the waitlist to learn more about the curriculum, pricing, platform, live class times, and enrollment dates, put your name and email in below! ​​​​​​​

"Empowerment equals choice.

When you think you have no choice, you disempower yourself."

​​​​​​​~ Crystal Andrus Morissette


Modules & Learning Objectives 

Learning Objectives for Module One - The Business Behind the Business

(12-Week Course | September - December 2020)

The learning objective of the first module is to introduce the students to the Business Behind the Business. Your Professor is Tani Morgan.

In this module, students will be invited to understand the basic framework of entrepreneurship, specifically related to building an online coaching business which includes:

  • Inspired Leadership
  • Marketing with Purpose
  • Selling the Sizzle
  • Boom Branding 
  • Talking Your Talk and Walking Your Walk
  • Understanding Your Sales Funnel
  • Identifying Your Highest Producing Activities
  • Networking & Connecting
  • Creating Compelling & Relevant Content
  • Website Development
  • Confidence Boosting Processes
  • Business Plan Builder

Module One offers a vast opportunity for the students to learn directly from their professor during LIVE VIDEO lectures, along with a private Facebook Group for fellow students to share, connect, and support each other. You can also listen to past business lectures with founder Crystal Andrus Morissette, which is an invaluable component of the program. All your assignments and quizzes are marked and graded. A minimum average of 80% is required to pass this module.

Students finish up this semester mid-December 2020 and take two weeks off over the holidays.

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Learning Objectives for Module Two - Nutrition & Physiology

(6-Week Course | January -- Mid-February 2021)

The learning objective of the second module is to build on the foundations laid out in our Personal Empowerment Coach Certification so that the students can further hone and expand their coaching skills to include helping those struggling with weight, energy, hormones, emotional eatin