• You're a woman who wants to become financially independent, working from home
  • You want to add powerful coaching techniques to your already-existing business​​​​​​​
  • You want to make a difference in the lives of others
  • You want to be a present full-time mom and still have something of your own that makes you feel important
  • You're ready to build your confidence and legacy while working at a pace that feels safe ​​​​​​​
  • You want to be part of something that makes you feel like you belong to something bigger
  • You're ready for profoundly personal and professional development
  • ​​​​​​​You're ready to rock your world​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • You want to take calculated risks inside the safety of the group until you feel ready to go big and visible online
  • You want to learn more about Emotional Age and highly-effective communication techniques
  • You're taking or have already taken our 12-Week Emotional Edge Course and are BLOWN AWAY and want to go further
  • You want to understand and master the unique processes, interventions, and specialized coaching techniques exclusive to the S.W.A.T. Institute--the #1 Empowerment Coach Certification in the world.

Who is our Empowerment Coach Certification for?

What is the Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC)?


Our Personal Empowerment Coach Certification is a 4-month full-time or 12-month part-time, laser-focused, certification program that will give you top-notch coaching tools that you won't learn anywhere else. 

The curriculum is at a college-level; however, we have women with no post-secondary education as well as those with their Ph.D. or Doctorate taking our courses and graduating.

In fact, we have had countless professionals come through our Empowerment Coach Certifications and tell us that they learned more through our programs then they did from their university studies, including some with PhDs. Our professors and team are all very committed to our students’ learning process and success. ​​​​​​​

Check Our Curriculum Out​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Learning Objectives for Module One

The learning objective of the first module is to introduce the students to Empowerment Coaching and the basic tools of this specific coaching method.

In this module, students will be invited to master the basic framework of Empowerment Coaching which includes:

  • The Map of Empowerment
  • The Concept of Coaching from the Body, Not from the Head

This module takes the students in detail through the most crucial emotional levels on the Map of Empowerment such as Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger, Pride, Courage and Neutrality and offers specific coaching strategies and interventions for each of these levels.

Module One offers a vast opportunity for the students to listen to practical examples of “real life” coaching sessions, which is an invaluable component of the program. Also included are video lectures on each emotional level, two live weekly calls where students can chat with their professors, and a private Facebook Group for fellow “student empowerment coaches” to share, connect, and support each other.

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The objective of the second module is to build on the foundations laid out in Module One so that the students can further hone and expand their coaching skills.

This module also incorporates some of the more general topics in coaching such as how to structure the coaching sessions or how to build rapport with a client.

The aim of Module Two is also to prepare the students for some unexpected or more challenging circumstances in coaching such as coaching a client with a different cultural background or a client that has just lost someone they loved.

By the end of this module, students should have already participated in a 12-Week Emotional Edge Telecourse taught by Crystal Andrus Morissette in order to integrate their learnings, personally. This course is mandatory in graduating.

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Learning Objectives for Module Two

Learning Objectives for Module Three

The objective of the last module is to have the students do their own coaching and practice all the skills and techniques they have learned throughout the course while coaching their own clients. The clients will be provided by the S.W.A.T. Institute through the Mentorship Program that enables women from any part of the world to get free coaching. This is a beautiful opportunity for our students to hone their coaching skills.

Section 1: What you need to do to start your Practice Coaching

The objective of this section is to cover the logistics side of the coaching practice so that the coaches in training have everything set up and ready before they start their practice coaching.

Section 2: The Critique session

As soon as students have completed approximately half of their practice sessions (10-15 practice sessions), they select three of their calls and submit them to their Professor of Coaching who will review them and schedule a critique session with them. The objective of the critique session is to give them feedback on how they have been doing thus far.

Section 3: Final Exam Assignment

The objective of the Final Exam is to put everything together for the students – both the practical as well as the theoretical side of the training.

In order to do that, they are required to:

  1. Submit another set of their coaching calls
  2. Answer a set of questions about Empowerment Coaching

Ever considered becoming an Empowerment Coach?  It's not too late to get started! Watch the first class of the Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC) that started on February 18th. This is a sneak peek of the online learning platform, classroom format, and Crystal's style of teaching. Although we will move through the curriculum in 4 months, you have up to one year to complete the program.

What Our Students Think

What's included in the Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC)?

 Live video class every week with Professor Crystal Andrus Morissette, designed to move you through the entire certification in four months full-time or 12-months part-time, You can see Crystal and your other peers, and if you choose to, they can see you, as well

✓ Live video class every week with Professor Izabela Viskoupova to help you address different aspects of coaching. You can see Izabela and your other peers; and if you choose to, they can see you too

✓ An additional 40 hours of lecture content provided in video and audio format to provide different learning modalities

✓ Over 30 “real” coaching sessions with real coaching clients for students to listen to the empowerment process in application and not just theory

✓ Top-notch coaching books and carefully-chosen assignments

✓ 30 practice coaching hours – the S.W.A.T. Institute provides these practice mentorship coaching calls which help students mentor strangers rather than crossing the boundary into coaching friends and family members 

✓ Real Professors who listen to students “practice coaching calls,” and offer a one-on-one critique call for each student to laser in on areas of strength and weakness = INVALUABLE

✓ Notes for every lesson

✓ Pdf Handouts

✓ A private Facebook Group where students can connect with each other for support and encouragement

✓ The student’s final assignment is graded on the quality of their submitted coaching calls by Professor Izabela who is also a Master Empowerment Coach and who has a Master’s degree in psychology and law

✓ A lifetime of mentorship coaching for the student and graduated Certified Empowerment Coach for them to get the one-on-one support they need at no additional cost

✓ A beautiful diploma with the official corporate seal, printed, and mailed to you upon completion, ready for framing

​​​​​​​Upon graduation, you may apply to the American Association of Drugless Practitioners for an additional designation

Watch this informative video with our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette and Professor of Coaching Izabela Viskupova

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Are you ready to become the most empowered woman and coach you can be with the world's #1 empowerment coach certification, exclusively for women?

It's not too late to join our February-Start Class!

What will I graduate with?

At the end of this four-month full-time, 12-month part-time, Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC), you'll finish off your mentorship coaching hours and then graduate as a Certified Empowerment Coach with The S.W.A.T. Institute! We are #1 on Google worldwide for 'empowerment coaching' (and we've never paid for a Google Ad) and our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette is ranked the #1 Empowerment Coach globally. Her work has been featured on Oprah.com many times, as well as the NYPost, and the UK Daily Mail.

You’ll also receive a beautifully printed diploma and transcript with the official corporate seal mailed to you upon completion, ready for framing.  You can then apply to the American Association of Drugless Practitioners to add to your designation.

Should you chose to carry on with our certification program, you can then register to become a Master Empowerment Coach, Our Master Empowerment Coach Certification (MECC) is available only to graduates of our Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC).  

With a siSTARhood of women behind you, and the know-how to create a thriving coaching practice in this growing industry, you are going to add one of the most powerful coaching processes to your personal and professional toolkit!

If you are thinking of becoming a coach, you probably want to know how much money can you earn? Empowerment Coaching is gaining respect as a profession and is perhaps one of the most expanding industries, in part because of economic uncertainty, forced career changes, and drastic efforts of businesses to make their operations efficient and productive.

To illustrate that growth, consider these statistics: In the year 2012, there were approximately 47,500 professional coaches at work that bring in a combined $2 billion in revenue. By the year 2016, it is hereby estimated that there are presently approximately 53,300 professional coach practitioners worldwide. Western Europe accounts for the largest share (35%), followed closely by North America, with an estimated 33% share. You can read a summary of the 2016 study here. As an industry, coaching is thriving!

As business owners, coaches set their own rates and those rates vary widely. According to the Coach Federation’s 2016 Global Study, the average North American income is $61,900 USD. Standard hourly rates for coaches coming out of a certification program are $150 - $200 per hour, but those can vary depending on the coach’s background, other expertise, and location. 

Crystal Andrus Morissette currently charges $500 per hour for coaching. To see her personal website, click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can a Certified Empowerment Coach earn?

What if I fall behind on the lessons?

No worries, you can always go at your own pace as you have up to 12 months to complete PECC however if you can commit to 5-10 hours per week. of studies, you should complete the curriculum in less than four months. You'll then need to finish up your 30 Mentorship Practice Coaching hours in order to graduate. We provide you with your Mentorship Coaching Clients. 

Is there a required book or reading list for PECC?

Is the S.W.A.T. Institute with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

Yes, there are four required books for PECC, however, the majority of the curriculum comes from created content including lectures, videos, coaching calls, and profound coaching processes exclusive to the S.W.A.T. Institute:

  1. Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins, Hay House Publishing
  2. Simply...EMPOWERED,  Crystal Andrus Morissette, Hay House Publishing
  3. Transcendent Beauty, Crystal Andrus Morissette, Hay House Publishing
  4. The Emotional Edge, Crystal Andrus Morissette, Random House/Harmony Books

No, the S.W.A.T. Institute is not certified with the ICF simply because of one reason: We are over certified. We offer too many recordings and access to replays of real coaching calls, along with lectures and accompanying videos. To be with ICF, 80 percent of the content has to be taught LIVE however with students in over 45 countries and many different timezones this is simply not possible. In our new world of online continuing education, this ICF requirement is antiquated. We are, however, under the designation of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

To learn the Truth about the Coaching Industry and the ICF, including why were not part of the (ICF), click here!


Read more of our 

"Signing up for the S.W.A.T. Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC) is the best thing I have done for myself personally as well as professionally. I signed up to become a coach, to better my skills and learn to be a better mentor, coach, and teacher. What I didn’t expect was that I was also signing up to become a better me. Crystal has the ability to enter your heart space and gently navigate a path of growth not only professionally but personally as well. Not only do I feel prepared to build my business, but I feel prepared to live as my truest self, and I think that brings the two together. A good coach can only be as good as their truest self. Thank you, Crystal and all the people at the S.W.A.T. Institute that gave so much to the learning process."

~ Taryn Pyle, Virginia, USA

"Synchronicity guided my way to Crystal Andrus Morrissette and her Personal Empowerment Coach Certification, and I am so glad that I listened. This program ended up being as much about helping to heal the wounded part of myself as it did about learning to coach other people. During each lesson I found myself thinking how much the women in the sample calls sounded like me. Their story was my story. For the first time, I didn’t feel alone and that I could release my story. This program provided me with the courage and structure that I needed to pursue my dreams. Thank you for this program!

~ Sarah Cross, Maine, USA

"I have been a fitness and nutrition coach for years, but I was looking to go deeper with my clients for real, lasting change and lifelong transformations that stick for the client. I searched for a very long time, but ‘therapy’ or psychology-based coaching didn’t appeal to me. I put it out to the Universe, and Crystal’s Personal Empowerment Coach Certification program came across my radar. That was it! It has been the greatest program I have ever taken; not just as a coach but as someone who was desiring her own healing. It is such a pleasure to support clients in a deeper and more profound way, creating lasting change in their lives while healing Self. It is a gift and a pleasure to be partaking in this extraordinary course. Every woman should consider this course. It will help (and indeed is) heal the world."

~ Karen McCoy, British Columbia, CANADA

"Empower has been the resonating word for me for such a long time – a ‘fire in the proverbial belly’ – and when I looked into insurance coverage for my workshops, I was told that I had to have empowerment certification. How the ‘hell’ do I get that I asked myself and so the search began. I only had to type in empowerment certification and the S.W.A.T. Institute appeared. Reading more, I was entranced and then having the discovery session with the creator Crystal Andrus Morissette, my decision was made. No hesitation and Crystal was so beautifully encouraging and supportive – no “snake oil’ sales received…… just the truth and inspiration. As I have traveled through the training, and receiving the never-ending support and guidance, I know that my decision and investment was truly inspired and accurate. It is very much about how you go through the experience yourself which greatly assists so much in the training to be the best empowerment coach that you can be! I LOVE each and every part of this course and it is so worth the personal journey. I would highly recommend anyone to embark onto this outstanding education and training – it makes so much sense, it is so very down to earth and the integrity, as well as the encouragement, is phenomenal! I am all about Empowerment Coaching – we so need it in this chaotic, singular-minded world that we reside in, and in truth, it just touches my soul"

~ Virginia Ede, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

"When I turned 50, something had changed. Up to that point, I was pretty sure where my path was going and I knew my limits…but, my best-laid plans kinda got stuck in the copier. I always loved engaging with others, and I loved being creative, and the energy that came from it all…after all, I had built a professional singing career from this! But there was still something missing. Deep down, I knew there were still old, useless messages that had been buried, and were holding me back. They needed to be acknowledged and released.

I had searched for a long time for a coaching program that I felt would address these emotional blocks, but most programs were very text-book based, formulated, and clinical. I felt they lacked a sense of individuality and they seemed purely profit-driven, rather than results-driven. Then I came across the Personal Empowerment Coach Certification (PECC) program through the SWAT Institute.

PECC gets right to the emotional heart of where we as humans are resonating, for different reasons and different seasons. It gives the student and the coach a safe and steady roadmap for navigating the complex nuances of deep emotional states that can keep us stagnated, preventing us from moving through life, giving ourselves a chance to be better. Even when we don’t know it.

PECC uses a combination of teaching tools such as listening skills, picking up conversational patterns, and non-verbal cues; profound reading resources; weekly live calls with Crystal to review the material and have deep discussions around it; challenging and thought-provoking weekly assignments; actual practice time coaching real people, putting those concepts to work, and helping others.

When I thought I was signing up only to heal myself, it turns out that I am adding coaching to my toolbox as a profession, too. If this last part scares you, don’t let it – as you explore this program, you’ll know more and more, you are made for this."

~ Kathryn Chavez, Nevada, USA

"This Personal Empowerment Coach Certification program came at exactly the right time! I have wanted to do coach training for years and years and now, not only am I doing it, I’m going through the empowerment process and experiencing the MOST. AMAZING. TRANSFORMATION. that goes beyond my wildest dreams. The classes, the materials, teachers, and the team are BRILLIANT. This process shifts us massively and I’m in awe! I know the outcome is yet to reveal itself but I’m sure it goes beyond where I can even envision myself at this time. "

~ GinaMaria Opalescent, Wisconsin, USA

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Plus, receive the 12-Week Emotional Edge Course

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I'm ready to get started on February 18, 2020



This comprehensive, powerful coaching certification

normally sells for $3497 CDN ~ $2677 USD.

Sign up today and save $500 CDN. 

Plus, receive the 12-Week Emotional Edge Course

that starts January 22nd at no additional charge, as a Bonus Gift (worth $797).



I'm ready to get started on February 18, 2020

Listen to our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette, explain more about our Personal Empowerment Coach Certification.